SCRIPTED is an event curated by Bedroom Poetry and 4D House that provides a modern take on the traditional book club, fusing delicate discussions with Poetry and Entertainment. Centered on the pillars of Laughter, Love and Literature, this space has been created to evoke positive, solution-driven dialouge in a fun and interactive way. Each month we focus on a different book and invite poets and musicians to share works that relate to the themes explored in the Book. Audience participation is highly encouraged.

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SCRIPTED - nov 17th

“Hello King; Claim Your Throne” ~ Jay Barnett

Talking Toxic Masculinity, Father figures, Fake friends and the importance of Finding Role Models. Exploring the Education system and its impact. With performances from the inspiring, I AM Samuel King. The Radiant Just Ray. The Enigmatic Em-Ocean. The True-Hearted Tanaka and magical voice of Marcus Grey. Click on the names and follow their Social Media.

SCRIPTED - Oct 27th

“Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome” ~ Dr Joy Degruy

Pondering the past and how we can use that to better our today. Exploring Economics, . Speaking on Self-esteem and teaching our children to aim higher. With performances from The noble Nate The Lyricist. The articulate AMD Speaks. The Liberating Lola-Oh The supreme S-Rise and the King K-9.
Click on the names and follow their social media.